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Walken (WLKN) move-to-earn platform surpasses two million registered users mark

Published: Thursday, 24th November, 2022 - 16:53

Walken has reached another significant milestone in the world of Web3 move-to-earn gaming by surpassing the two million users threshold barely three months after hitting the one million users mark.

Walken now boasts over two million registered users 

Despite the gloomy market conditions as well as the serious fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD) triggered by the FTX exchange bankruptcy, Walken, a move-to-earn Web3 game that connects real-life sports activities with blockchain gaming, has continued to wax stronger.

Barely three months after the Walken move-to-earn gaming ecosystem hit the one million registered users mark, the platform has reached yet another significant milestone by surpassing the two million active users threshold.

It will be recalled that Walken released a new roadmap and in-game economy statistics earlier in September 2022, and introduced several exciting features into its metaverse, including better localization support with seven additional languages, a wheel of Fortune, and more.

At the time, the Walken team stated that “One of the main challenges of any gamified Web3 project is to make it both fun and sustainable, especially a free2play one. With Walken, we are proving the point that it’s possible. We are grateful to our amazing community and work hard to make it even better.”

Fast forward to November 2022 and Walken’s hard work and dedication towards crushing the barrier to entry into Web3 move-to-earn gaming for the masses is beginning to yield dividends, as evidenced by its increased user base.

Walken onboarding millions of Web2 users to Web3

Walken has been in public beta testing for the past five months and the platform’s diligence has culminated in substantial community growth. Despite its impressive achievement so far, the team has made it clear that it will continue to integrate innovative features designed to attract more Web2 users to Web3.

“The success of Walken can be attributed to several factors, including its CAThletes [NFTs], convenient user interface, and no entry barrier. Promoting a better lifestyle should be accessible to everyone and Walken embodies that vision. The Walken team remains committed to onboarding millions of Web2 users to Web3. Surpassing two million registered users confirms there is tremendous interest in exploring the era of user empowerment and decentralization,” declared Walken.

Not resting on its oars, the Walken team has hinted that several exciting features and events will go live in its ecosystem shortly, including Walken Earn, a feature designed to make it possible for users to stake their $WLKN tokens under fixed or flexible terms, to earn juicy rewards.

The team is also putting preparations in top gear to launch Walken Runner, the first hyper-casual game of the Walken metaverse. Walken users will also be able to undertake daily tasks in the app to earn even more rewards.

That’s not all, in the coming weeks, Walken users will be able to transform their ‘“common” CAThlete NFTs into rare ones via the CAThlete Merge Event. During the CAThlete Merge Event, players will get one CAThlete NFT with a higher rarity level, for every two common CAThletes they exchange. 

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This post first appeared on: BTC Manager

Author: Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel
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