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Thailand Tourism Authority has its Own Plans for Crypto-Adoption

Published: Friday, 1st October, 2021 - 22:06

Now that the pandemic is almost coming to an end, Thailand is aiming to bring its tourism business back to life. Thailand is a country known for generating a large portion of its economic revenue through tourism. However, during the pandemic, the country took a huge fall due to the lockdowns and travel bans.

Now, the country is aiming to generate as much revenue as possible through tourism. The country is well aware that with the lockdowns lifted off, tourists would be eagerly wanting to travel to their favorite vacation and holidays spots.

Therefore, the country is aiming to attract as many tourists as possible. In the past couple of years, the country has also realized the importance of cryptocurrencies and it can benefit from them. This is the reason why Thailand’s tourism authority is aiming to come up with its own innovation in the cryptocurrency sector.

It has been reported that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is planning to come up with its own innovation in the cryptocurrency space. For TAT, an exclusive utility token would be the best strategy for the country to generate capital. The TAT has come to this conclusion because of the high number of participants being witnessed in the cryptocurrency sector.

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly growing in size and popularity. Therefore, every country and the mainstream firm is aiming to adopt cryptocurrencies in order to benefit from the technology.

Over time, many people have started using cryptocurrencies as the primary source of payments. Many e-commerce giants and real-time merchants have also started accepting cryptocurrencies for payments.

Therefore, the TAT believes that adopting cryptocurrencies, and most importantly, coming up with a cryptocurrency of its own would be the best choice for high revenue generation.

This way, the country will be able to attract tourists who are only willing to spend their money and acquire services through cryptocurrencies.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced that it is planning to launch a cryptocurrency that will be dubbed as TAT Coin. The TAT has announced that once developed, the TAT Token will be processed through testing and piloting, before the release.

The TAT has also announced that they will be working with the legislative and regulatory authorities in the country to come up with a legal framework surrounding the TAT Coin.

Their aim is to introduce a token that is fully compliant, convenient, and highly advantageous for the tourists coming to Thailand.

The sources have revealed that the TAT is currently in talks with the Thai Stock Exchange. It is currently being discussed who in the country will be responsible for the issuance of TAT Coin.

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Author: Lucile King
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