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Kvoltz launches crypto project for clean energy in Brazil

Published: Tuesday, 24th January, 2023 - 22:54

Kvoltz, a Green Energy crypto active company, is working on adding sustainable energy offerings to its financial market services.

Kvoltz initiative is coming on the heels of the heightened interest of Brazilians in crypto based on the IRS report of 2022. 

Kvoltz looking for crypto development in Brazil

Kvoltz indigenous token (KVZ) was first made available in September 2022. Still, it was limited to a few pre-selected investors, but those wishing to buy the token can use a minimum of $100 to purchase directly from the kvoltz.com.br site at the current spot price of $0.06. 

The Kvoltz platform is linked to BSC PAD participants and will be made based on invitations to ensure secrecy and security in negotiations. Jackson Maçal, CKO at Kvoltz, describes the process as an attempt to ensure the credibility of transactions. 

Kickstarting location 

The Brazilian Solarimetric Atlas survey developed by the National Institute for Space Research, INPE, has already chosen Northeast as the operational base of the project. 

Recall that the Northeast receives an average of 310 days of sunlight yearly. It currently houses the most significant number of solar generation plants, coupled with its highest average value daily horizontal global irradiation. 

The first photovoltaic power-producing plant, with a capacity of 112.5 kW, is located in So José de Mipibu, Rio Grande do Norte. Energy generation benefits.

Investors in KVZ will get at least a 2% bonus on the energy produced every year in kW/h, which will be converted to tangible currency (reais) based on the Brazilian kWh tariff pricing.

Registered micro and small businesses and token holders will receive credit from the generated electricity injected into the local utility grid.

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Author: Emmanuel O.
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