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HashKey closes fund with $500m for web3 projects

Published: Tuesday, 17th January, 2023 - 21:06

Today, HashKey Capital, a global asset manager focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, announced the successful completion of its third fund, HashKey FinTech Investment Fund III, with a commitment of $500 million. 

HashKey FinTech Investment, the general partner of Fund III, gained enthusiastic support from institutional investors such as family offices, businesses, and sovereign wealth funds.

A Hashkey capital breakthrough

According to HashKey Capital’s CEO and head of HashKey Singapore, the company has survived at least three industry cycles. He claimed those memorable encounters and insights would be crucial for them as they navigated through troubled times. 

The CEO said they are one of the select few cryptocurrency investors to have gained authorization in principle for fund management in Singapore and a license for managing digital asset funds in Hong Kong.

HashKey Group, according to Chao, was an early proponent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He said the firm was delighted to continue to embrace this role and work with the company’s partners to create the benchmark for the sector’s sustainable growth.

HashKey Capital was founded in 2018 and has overseen over US$1 billion in funds with a track record of financing in blockchain and cryptocurrency firms at all stages of development.

Cosmos, Coinlist, Aztec, Blockdaemon, dYdX, imToken, Animoca Brands, Mask Network, FalconX, Polkadot, Moonbeam, Space and Time, and Galxe are just a few of the notable businesses and projects that HashKey Capital has so far invested in.

Hashkey Group and ethereum

Dr. Xiao Feng, the chairman of HashKey Group, noted that while most experts in the field are aware of HashKey Group as a global investment pioneer in blockchain, few are knowledgeable of the fact that HashKey Group served as the source of insight for the term ‘Shanghai Upgrade’ for ethereum

The Chairman stated that as one of the first institutional investors in ethereum and the organizer of Devcon2, they had upheld their belief that the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development can usher in a better future since day one.

The chairman added that Fund III would continue to adhere to its tried-and-true investment tenets while also searching for game-changers or investments that would catapult the sector into the next phase.

Investors will receive institutional-grade exposure to every aspect of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology through Fund III. This new fund seeks to make the majority of its investments in infrastructures, tools, and applications that have the potential to be widely adopted.

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Author: Adam Robertson
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