• Market Cap: $2,749,574,928,216.62
  • 24h Vol: $140,268,590,865.71
  • BTC Dominance: 38.90%

Coindesk TV

CoinDesk is the world leader in news, prices and information on bitcoin and other digital currencies.

We cover news and analysis on the trends, price movements, technologies, companies and people in the bitcoin and digital currency world.

Our per-minute Bitcoin Price Index, a derived measure of bitcoin’s value based on an agreed set of criteria, also serves as a point of reference for those involved in the bitcoin industry.

If you’re new to bitcoin, read our straightforward guides on the basics of what bitcoin is, why people use it, where to buy bitcoins and how to spend them. We also explain the basics of bitcoin mining, how to set up a bitcoin miner, and how bitcoin transactions work.

Digital currency is a rapidly evolving industry and we believe one of the biggest developments in internet history in the making.

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