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Cardano Whales Accumulating – Why Is ADA Bearish?

Published: Sunday, 7th May, 2023 - 08:00

Despite a massive Cardano whale accumulation, ADA, its native currency, remains bearish, prompting questions about the strength of the underlying fundamentals and whether the leg up of Q1 2023 is over.

ADA’s volatility has been dropping in recent weeks despite a slew of positive developments, mainly from on-chain data. 

As an illustration, the coin is down roughly 20% from April peaks and retesting a local support zone of around $0.38.

Cardano Price On May 6| Source: ADAUSDT On Binance, TradingView
Cardano Price On May 6| Source: ADAUSDT On Binance, TradingView

Whales Doubling Down, Activity Rising In Cardano

Still, even in these market conditions, there are signs that ADA whales are accumulating in the ecosystem. Although the reason for the swarm is unclear, according to IntoTheBlock, large transactions worth over $100,000 have been made over the past 24 hours, worth around $10 billion. The bulk sale of this size stands at $20 billion in the past week.

Moreover, data also shows that “large holders” control 35% of ADA’s total supply. These entities act as a proxy to institutional players’ and whale activities, showing how they may be investing and positioning.

While it is unclear what knowledge the Cardano whales have, their activities suggest that they are buying the dip. This is considering that ADA is still down around 87% from 2021 peaks. 

Besides whales buying in bulk, Cardano’s ecosystem is showing promising signs, with the blockchain remaining one of the most highly developed and used. 

According to Santiment, 2.15 billion transactions were processed on Cardano. Typically, active networks, in both development and use, point to quality and confidence. The more there are projects and addresses, the higher the odds of the platform’s coin finding support.

The spike in activity over the past few months, even with the general market lull, could be due to various non-fungible token (NFT) and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects launching. Djed, an algorithmic stablecoin, is already live on the mainnet. DeFi and NFT projects look to take advantage of Cardano’s EUTXO model. This system mirrors how Bitcoin functions but adds a layer of smart contracting, just like Ethereum.

However, one of the main developments of Cardano in recent days is the release of the first Hydra Head on the mainnet. This layer-2 scaling solution uses state channels that extend the concept of payment channels. This technology can drive growth, possibly supporting ADA prices in the long haul.

ADA Remains Bullish

Even with the recent contraction, Cardano’s long-term prospects look good. Presently, whales appear to be accumulating, adding over 150 million ADA in just one month. 

With big players bullish on the coin, doubling down on dips, ADA prices could recover. In the medium term, the ceiling remains at $0.46, marking April 2023 highs.

-Featured Image From Canva, Chart From TradingView

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Author: Dalmas Ngetich
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