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Brave partners with Electric Coin and Filecoin to advance Web3 privacy

Published: Friday, 22nd September, 2023 - 19:18

Brave Software Inc., Electric Coin Co. (ECC) and Filecoin Foundation announced a new partnership during Messari Mainnet on Friday, September 22.

The Brave team, Zcash (ZEC) developer group and the Filecoin (FIL) non-profit said they will be collaborating in an effort that should see new privacy features come to Web3 via the Brave browser. Zcash is one of the top privacy coins in the crypto space.

According to the companies, the innovative privacy-focused features will also be available via Brave’s integrated Web3 wallet.

New privacy features for Brave browser

Brave offers a privacy-oriented browser that rewards users with Basic Attention Token (BAT) for accepting privacy-respecting ads. Users have to opt into the feature. With the partnership, the privacy functionality is to be extended to all transactions

In this case, ECC, which recently highlighted plans to make Zcash more decentralised and secure, will work with Brave to integrate shielded transactions with the Brave browser’s built-in crypto wallet. This will allow users to benefit from private transactions when they store, send, and receive ZEC and other cryptocurrencies.

“I’m excited about integrating Zcash into the Brave web browser because privacy should be normal. The Brave browser is a tool that tens of millions of people are using for everyday communication, web browsing, shopping, and other activities. This gives them access to money that respects their security and consent. I’m thrilled for this launch — and what’s to come — as a result of this partnership with Brave and Filecoin Foundation,” Zooko Wilcox, CEO, Electric Coin Co., said.

Other than private crypto transactions, Brave, ECC and Filecoin Foundation are working on a decentralised messaging and media transmission feature. The new tool will leverage Zcash protocol’s privacy and Filecoin’s InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) – the latter for secure storage of encrypted content.

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Author: Benson Toti
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