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Blockchain data platform Chainalysis introduces ‘Crypto Incident Response Program’

Published: Wednesday, 22nd June, 2022 - 23:23

Chainalysis, a blockchain data platform, today announced the launch of the Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response Service, a rapid response service for organizations that have been targeted by incidents such as a cyber attack, ransomware, market manipulation, or another type of exploit that involves a cryptocurrency theft or demand.

How it works:

  • An incident occurs (i.e. hack, ransomware, code exploit, flash loan attack) and cryptocurrency funds are either demanded or stolen from the organization.
  • Communication is initiated with Chainalysis’ 24/7 hotline protocol.
  • Chainalysis assigns a dedicated team of world-class investigators, cryptocurrency operators, and data scientists to work alongside the organization.
  • The investigation is deployed – the Chainalysis team works around the clock while leveraging advanced capabilities to overcome sophisticated obfuscation techniques, identify funds and label them accordingly.
  • If needed, the Chainalysis team helps liaise with law enforcement and provides expert witness testimony.

Click here to learn more about the Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response Service.

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